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Financing Plastic Surgery &  Cost of Breast Augmentation

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Plastic Surgery Loan Companies

Beware of "Health Financing" and "Cosmetic Financing" companies*

Breast Implant Corrections

About Plastic Surgery Loan Companies: We've seen many complaints about "health financing" and "cosmetic surgery finance" companies. Plus, we cannot verify the credentials of any surgeon "recommended" by a finance company. Click here to locate a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Finance companies should allow you to choose your plastic surgeon (if they do not please email Rebecca at Most cosmetic surgery loan companies choose the surgeon for you and not only make interest from your loan, they charge the plastic surgeon a fee as well! We do not recommend these cosmetic surgery finance companies. Finance companies should be in the business of financing plastic surgery, not recommending surgeons. In fact, one such cosmetic surgery finance company continues to change their name because they keep getting a bad name for their bad practices. Our finance company has been with us for years and site visitors have not had a problem with them. If you are awaiting to hear back from them, please contact them as there is nothing we can do as we are not affiliated with the finance company. We just list trust-worthy finance companies with good reputation and track records.

Rebecca, Plastic Surgery Patient Advocate"I do my best to bring you legit, honest companies that won't rip you off. Should you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to email me so I can look into it."~Rebecca (Site Owner)


Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The cost of breast augmentation varies by location, the surgeon and type of implants used. Current breast augmentation prices may vary; Breast Augmentation Prices can be as low as $3200 in the South to as high as $9000 in Chicago, NY and some breast augmentation surgeons in CA. Southeast is the less expensive for breast augmentation surgery, usually about $3500-4500 which includes saline breast implants, add another $1000 for silicone breast implants. Contact the plastic surgeons you are interested in to request their breast augmentation fees. Anatomical, Spectrums and silicone implants are higher priced than typical round breast implants. The national average surgeon fee for a basic breast augmentation is $3375 (not including anesthesia, operating room fees or implants).

$800-1400 Cost of Breast Implants (generally about $600 for the cost of saline breast implants and about $800 and up for the cost of silicone breast implants).
$700 & up for the Nurses and Anesthesiologist depending on location.
The rest is for your plastic surgeon's skill & experience.

Add another $50 for prescriptions and $10-$30 for a larger, comfortable, hook or zip in the front bra to wear after surgery. The best is a sports bra that zips in the front. Shannon recommends a CHAMPION Sports bra stating it was a remarkable difference as far as comfort and support. Also recommended: Barely There which is made with Microfiber. Target sells a regular front zip for about $10.

  Plastic Surgery Financing

List of Plastic Surgeons offering Free Consults

Implants: $1000
Dr. fee: $2000

Anesthesia: $1000

Medications: $50

Filling out a bikini: PRICELESS!!!
(Prices vary)

Money Making/Saving Ideas

Soliciting Money & "Free Breast Implants" Sites

Building a web site "asking" for money from strangers has already been done & I don't think can be successfully copied. In fact, the woman that did a site did say in the small print that she already had a good portion BEFORE the fundings from the site. Also, the time you spend on the web site could be used on a job, second job, part-time job or working from home. There are also "Boob job Fund Raising" sites that allow you to create a profile to raise money for your breast implants. After investigating these I found women make about $1 per hour they spend on repling and posting photos to donors. Thus, we don't recommend "Free Breast Implants" websites.

Money Saving Ideas

Cancel things you don't need like getting your nails done, your cell phone, cable, eating out, etc. It can be done, I've done it!

Buy clothes and other items from thrift or consignment shops. I still do this!

Money Making Ideas

Bring clothes to a consignment shop (especially good if you have a lot of designer items).

Sell stuff on Ebay. I made $2000 selling collectibles and stuff, most of it I would have thrown out anyway!

Take on a part time job. If you want to do a fundraiser, do a real one where the people giving you money actually get something in return.

Save soda cans to redeem for cash!!! One lady said it adds up rather quickly around her house and she has the entire family saving theirs as well!

Another site visitor said she did a car wash on the street corner in the summer in her bikini!

Lastly, be good to others because what comes around, goes around...

If you have a tip to add here, email Rebecca.

How one Woman Saved...

Well, I stopped going to school for one whole quarter, and picked up a second job so I was working 65 hours a week. It was very tough. I had to tell myself, every AM, when I was getting up at four AM to be at work at five, that it was for a good cause! I worked five AM to ten AM five days a week and then 12:30 PM to 9 PM five days a week at my permanent job. It was very hairy. I was crabby all the time. The only cool thing was that I got to see the sun rise almost every day and it was so pretty, I started taking pictures of it every day and I've got some super pictures of fog, sunshine, and the moon, anyway.

I paid my insurance on my car a year ahead to get that out of the way, and then I saved every penny of my second job, and most of my regular job. I banned the mall, I banned the online shopping habit that I have, I banned eating out, and I totally just was a frugal prune for a couple months! No movies, no going down town, no super size fries… no just joking heheh so I have wanted a breast augmentation for a long long long time, but I only have been saving for about four months.

Honestly I worked so hard on saving money! I wouldn't even go visit my boyfriend as much because I didn't want to waste the gas! So if you really really put your nose to the grind stone you will be able to do it no problem! If you cannot get a second job then I suggest just setting aside an amount every pay day , and open an account just for it, I had a boobs account and it was with a bank I don't usually go to, so it was out of sight and out of mind. :) ~Site Visitor

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"I think that having a breast augmentation was one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

"My breast surgery went great!"

"My surgery and recovery was a breeze."

"My breasts look awesome."

"Wonderful job on my breasts."

"I am very pleased with my breast augmentation."

"I could not be happier with the outcome of my breast augmentation."

"My breasts are perfect."

"I cannot believe how amazing he has made my breasts look."

"My recovery was very easy, because of his gentle approach to breast augmentation."

"...attentive to concerns and to details of breast augmentation"

"Better than I ever expected from a breast augmentation."

"I'm very happy I chose him for my breast augmentation."

"Wonderful job on my breast augmentation."

"Breast implants are the perfect fit for my body!"

"Breast Implants gave me the lift I needed!"

Cost of Breast Implants
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