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In our Breast Surgery Forum you will find a friendly sisterhood of "breast surgery" women, breast surgery experts and top plastic surgeons to answer your questions. Whether you are just considering breast surgery or contemplating a redo, or even thinking about breast implant removal surgery, you'll find other women like yourself willing to offer guidance and support.* Enter Forum

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*All forum advice is for educational purposes only, be sure to contact your plastic surgeon for medical advice. All posts become property of & it's sister sites, including and may be used in other media relating to plastic surgery. Your identity will not be used without permission.

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What patients say about their breast implant surgery with our Top Breast Surgeons:

"I think that having a breast augmentation was one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

"My breast surgery went great!"

"My surgery and recovery was a breeze."

"My breasts look awesome."

"Wonderful job on my breasts."

"I am very pleased with my breast augmentation."

"I could not be happier with the outcome of my breast augmentation."

"My breasts are perfect."

"I cannot believe how amazing he has made my breasts look."

"My recovery was very easy, because of his gentle approach to breast augmentation."

"...attentive to concerns and to details of breast augmentation"

"Better than I ever expected from a breast augmentation."

"I'm very happy I chose him for my breast augmentation."

"Wonderful job on my breast augmentation."

"Breast implants are the perfect fit for my body!"

"Breast Implants gave me the lift I needed!"

Cost of Breast Implants
range from $600 for saline breast implants to $1800 for silicone breast implants

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