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Chicago Tribune

"The desire for bigger breasts fuels a
boom in augmentation surgery From A to D"

Augmentation Surgery Chicago Tribune

"Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal"

Plastic Surgery Products
Plastic Surgery Products

Cosmetic Surgery on Fox News
FOX News

(The National Cable Channel)


Plastic Surgery Products
Plastic Surgery Products

Plastic Surgery Products

Plastic Surgery Products

Online Resource for Breast Augmentation Skin Deep Magazine Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Magazine

We have been in the last 5 issues of Skin Deep Magazine

Plastic Surgery News Plastic Surgery News
Internet-savvy breast patients form influential 'sisterhood'
Three page story

Los Angeles Magazine ~
"California or BUST"

FOX News (The National Cable Channel) on
"Rebecca loves her saline breast implants. 'They make you feel more feminine and fit into clothes better,' says the Columbia, S.C., founder of" . . . Fuller says 95 percent of the women who visit her Web site, a plastic surgeon-sponsored forum for women to discuss breast augmentation, report they are happy with their implants. Even when an implant ruptures and deflates, women will get it replaced, Fuller said, "because they don't want to give up their implants." . . .And Fuller said that's exactly why she started "It's not something you talk about over the dinner table."

Plastic Surgery Today (in USA Today)

Nervy Girl Magazine ~ "Boom or Bust: Examining Breast Augmentation"

Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement) By Chana Stiefel
Breast augmentation now is considered a safe method to increase breast size.

"Silicone implants return, in a big way"

Radio Appearances

Skin Deep Radio Show

The Big DM "On Point with Cynthia Hardy"

Fox 102, The Big DM & Others

We have also been contacted by the following as a resource for information on trends in plastic surgery:

ABC News John Stossel's 20/20

The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly on FOXNews

Rachael Ray Show


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What patients say about their breast implant surgery with our Top Breast Surgeons:

"I think that having a breast augmentation was one of the best decisions that I have ever made."

"My breast surgery went great!"

"My surgery and recovery was a breeze."

"My breasts look awesome."

"Wonderful job on my breasts."

"I am very pleased with my breast augmentation."

"I could not be happier with the outcome of my breast augmentation."

"My breasts are perfect."

"I cannot believe how amazing he has made my breasts look."

"My recovery was very easy, because of his gentle approach to breast augmentation."

"...attentive to concerns and to details of breast augmentation"

"Better than I ever expected from a breast augmentation."

"I'm very happy I chose him for my breast augmentation."

"Wonderful job on my breast augmentation."

"Breast implants are the perfect fit for my body!"

"Breast Implants gave me the lift I needed!"

Cost of Breast Implants
range from $600 for saline breast implants to $1800 for silicone breast implants

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