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What Men Think about Breast Implants

How men rate breast implants look & feel over natural breasts

1 being awful and 10 being excellent.
523 Total Votes
1 29 6%
2 1%
3 23  4%
4 29  6%
5 37  7%
6 23  4%
7 61  12%
8 92  18%
9 57  11%
10 165  32%
Note: This survey was taken BEFORE silicone breast implants were available to the public. Only saline breast implants were available at the time. Saline breast implants tend to feel harder and less natural than silicone breast implants. I would imagine if this survey was taken today more breast implants would feel natural or close to a natural breast or feel like a real breast. I've had saline breast implants and they were harder than my silicone breast implants. My silicone breast implants feel like real breasts; you can't feel the breast implant. Also, depending on your breast surgeon, your breast implants can look like fake breast implants or they can look more like natural breasts. I also encountered this with my first surgeon, who just "installed" my breast implants and therefore, they looked like breast implants. My 2nd breast surgeon, Dr. Revis, had a more natural approach to placing the breast implants to give the appearance of a more natural breast. You can read my breast implant story here. Also, some women develop hardening of the breasts (capsular contracture) as the body creates a shell over the breast implant.

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Scott on What Men Think About Breast Implants

Art on What Men Think About Breast Implants

John on What Men Think About Breast Implants


What Men Think about Breast Implants

Scott on What Men Think About Breast Implants

First of all, this is Scott.  I'm 28 yrs old.  I've been dating Tamantha for about a year and a half.  Since I have known her, she has wanted a BA. At first, I was negative about the idea.  Mostly because I though she was beautiful the way she was but I saw the positive effect on her self-esteem immediately afterwards. When she decided to have them done, I backed her 100%. Now, I see the positive results in all areas. She went from 34A/32B to 32D. She looks wonderful.  If any other girls are considering this idea, my only suggestion is to do as much research as possible (my girlfriend did) and really consider what YOUR feelings are on the issue. Not everyone else's. Do it for YOURSELF.  She did and she feels great about herself and I feel great about her. Do not listen to negativity. Listen to YOURSELF. This coming from a male perspective.

Tamantha looks great, feels good about herself and, in return, that makes me feel good. It has not only effected her attitude but mine, in a positive light. Not to mention, in the sexual manner. Hey, I'm a guy. It has definitely enhanced that area of our lives.

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Art on What Men Think About Breast Implants

First, my background. I dated a woman who was a dancer a few years. She had 350cc silicone, round, overs, crease and while we were dating, went to 480ccs saline, overs, crease. She was so much happier.  We had a good relationship and a very active sex life--she said that the implants liberated her ability to express herself sexually. What most struck me was her attitude. At the same time, I got to know well over a dozen other women with implants, most dancers, and many still friends. I have heard them talk about them, witnessed the changes they have gone through, both physically and emotionally. Recently, I have emerged from another longterm relationship and I have reflected on the previous one. It was those reflections, looking at the positive aspects of it, and contrasted with my most recent, which prompted me to write.

When I met my girlfriend, I had no firsthand experience in dating a woman with implants. I knew I liked how they looked but didn't know if I would like them from a "feel" perspective. In fact, in retrospect, looking back to when I was in my teens, I have always been more attracted to "implants" than natural breasts. I just didn't know it until my late twenties. I was quite surprised at how much I liked the feel of them (I like firmer things over looser things) and have come to the determination that they are a clear preference for me, provided that the other person has the other traits that I find attractive--intelligence, sense of humor, charm, sensitivity, and yes--a pretty face and great figure. A woman with these traits and no implants would still be highly attractive and desirable to me. But a woman with these traits AND implants would be irresistible to me! 

Purely from a physical standpoint, I find them very attractive. Look at the great works of art--paintings, sculpture, etc.--and the breasts look more like implants than natural breasts. Size is not really the big issue--it is proportion. I rarely find anything bigger than a DD attractive. I usually like C-DD. But the overall balance is what matters. As for feel, I think they feel pretty good. I can tell that they are implants, but this doesn't bother me in the least. I am not squeamish about scars and do not get turned off by them, regardless of where they are. In terms of men liking you or not liking a woman based on implants I can say a few things. There are men who don't like them. Some of these have actual experience and feel this way; others do not. For some with experience, they PHYSICALLY don't like the way they feel and simply do not find implants attractive. I think they are a VERY small minority--look at the popularity of actresses, models, celebrities and dancers with implants. For others, it is a mental issue--they lump implants in a knee jerk fashion with fakeness, shallowness, superficiality and craving attention and really don't try to listen to the woman's view or think things out. The may feel that it is "cool" to be anti-implant. Some can have their mind changed based on firsthand knowledge and experience. I think the ultimately, anti-implant men are in the minority. For those who are neutral or positive, who wouldn't like a person who wants to be more beautiful, have more self-confidence, and try to improve themselves? Some men like larger breasts, "real" or not! In my experience, most men like beautiful breasts, and implants do have that effect!

Of course, beware those to whom appearance matters most. Other men, such as myself, know that women with implants ARE sexier, not because they have "better" breasts but because they took an active role in making the decision--they are more confident, happier, and have better self-esteem. The insecurity of feeling inadequate, whether justified or not, is gone and they are "liberated" to be themselves! I truly believe that these women are freed to be the person they can be. It is exciting and exhilarating to some, and it is this attitude, more so than the physical element, that I find appealing.

I think some men have a hard time relating to the importance of breast size to women.  The only thing that I can think of that is comparable would be baldness for men. But psychologically, it is in reverse--all men start with hair and then some lose it. With breasts, all women start with none but only some get what they want. The impact during the teen years is particularly significant. I think it is great that there is a way to overcome a perceived inadequacy--people who put implants down, especially naturally well-endowed women, strike me as particularly insensitive. I am all in favor of people doing what they need to do to feel better about themselves; I see the physical aspect as almost secondary to the mental aspect. Personally, I have broken my nose three times and never had it reset because I simply am not bothered by it  (then again, I have never heard a negative comment either). But, I think people should feel free to do what they want. The fact that women take the initiative for self-improvement is a personality trait which I find appealing and attractive.

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John on What Men Think About Breast Implants

I can't help but say how proud I am of my wife (CCUP2B). From darn near hopping up off the operating table and scampering around to just how great everything has turned out, I am in awe. Yes she looks great, but really, that is only half the story. In some small way I was able to help her do something she had wanted for a very long time. That makes me 
feel good too. 

Now for the observations....

1. Surgery shouldn't be feared, in our case our doctor and his staff has taken great care of C, and the results are great. 

2. In our case the thing to fear was the start of the massage. Yeah, both of us were in tears Thursday morning, firmly felt that if I had known the pain she would endure I never would have agreed. But she's tougher than I am.

3. Understand something about men, in some ways understand this may make us feel a little uneasy too. There aren't a lot of improvement surgeries we can pull off that are as dramatic as you all are doing or plan to do. I admit that I find myself feeling a little "How do I keep up". The simple but not obvious answer is that Just as I loved C to death before the BA, she loves me the way I am. Not having that in place is where the problems may come.

4. To any men out take care of the woman you care for. I am horrified and appalled that some guys sit around not caring for you ladies during your post op phase. I was and try to continue to be supportive and caring. It's the least I can do, and by all means, you deserve it.

5. Find a way to be happy, there's no such thing as too small or too big, there is just you, and that acceptance is necessary.

Oh well, enough prattle, but good luck to all, and love to my wife, I admire your courage.








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