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Boston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. LoVerme William E. LoVerme, M.D.

Massachusetts Plastic Surgeon

Boston ~ Wellesly, MA

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Member Surgeon Since 2001

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Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, Boston & Wellesley, MA
Boston ~ Wellesley Office

1 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
(16 miles from Boston)


Toll Free:
877-603-SURG (7874) 

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I interviewed a number of respected surgeons in New England. Dr LoVerme offered dignity and respect, and allowed ample time for interviews, questions, and education.  He offered rationales for every decision we made together, and he is the only New England doctor to offer subfascial placement of breast implants. During my surgical consultation, with initial chest glance, Dr LoVerme instantly identified my scoliosis, noting the effect on breast implant placement and outcome. Dr LoVerme's attention to detail is amazing.  The surgery outcome is exactly as anticipated, and I was back to a busy work floor in 5 days. I exercise regularly with free weights, and I am so glad I did not accept the "norm" of unnatural breast movement with submuscualr placement.   Although I am Dr LoVerme's patient, and I am also a registered nurse. I can assure you, this surgeon, the supporting staff and the facility is truly excellent, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my breast augmentation. ~Denise, Breast Augmentation Patient in Thompson, MA

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"Dr. LoVerme and his staff were amazing from the first time I walked into their offices! I am 5 weeks post op and the results are amazing and the recovery has been great! Dr. LoVerme and his Team gave me the best pre and post op care and I would highly recommend Dr LoVerme if you are considering a procedure to go in and discuss what you would like and he will do exactly what you ask of him! Thank you!” ~ KayLynn, Overseas Traveler

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"“Dr. LoVerme was great. He answered every question I had thoroughly and was very professional. He calmed my nerves about the procedure (breast augmentation) and made the whole process very easy.  I was extremely nervous, but would do it all over again in a heartbeat!” ~Lindsay, Breast Augmentation Surgery Patient

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"Dr. loverme and his staff are amazing, they truly care about their patients and their well being not to mention the job he did on my breasts are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier with them. He made sure that I didn’t go too big and that the implants would fit my body accordingly and the outcome is phenomenal." ~Alicia, Breast Surgery Patient from Pelham, NH

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"Dr. LoVerme is an excellent surgeon, a true expert. I highly recommend him for breast implants. He eased all of my fears from consultation to follow-up after surgery, he was knowledgable, kind and gave me all the attention I required. He and his staff are top-notch and positively wonderful. I highly recommend him! He made the experience easy and I couldn't be happier with the results! My implants look natural and only two weeks post-op, they feel like a part of me. He is incredibly skilled and my breasts look GREAT!! More importantly, I feel great. I am very grateful to Dr. LoVerme and his staff for taking such excellent care of me. I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. LoVerme perform my surgery! ~Stefany (Breast Augmentation Patient from Boston, MA)

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"Staff was excellent, procedure a breeze. He did just what I wanted and it looks great!" ~Site Visitor (Breast Augmentation Patient from Boston, MA)

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"I went to three consults and, by far, Dr. LoVerme was the most informative, thorough doctor I met. He spent over two hours discussing what I (and I stress 'I') wanted in terms of shape, size, look, etc. at my first consult. I didn't get the standard statement "Ok, you want a D cup, then you'll need XYZ." He then offered his opinions and recommendations based on my breast size and desires. I even brought the "list of questions to ask your PS" from this site and he took the time to read it and answer the questions -- and we know the list is lengthy!

Dr. LoVerme suggested the HPs for me when they were so new (were just hitting the market) and so controversial. The HPs were perfect for me, good projection and not too wide (which was his concern w/the standard round Mentor for my ribspan). I have good cleavage, which is the number one concern of the HPs. When I raised this issue (and asked why I have cleavage w/the HPs), Dr. LoVerme said it was due to the placement -- obviously done very well, cleavage and a natural look with the HPs and over the muscle placement! He does both over and under, but felt I could go with over (enough tissue), although he would have done under if I so desired.

I had my surgery four months ago and, to date, have no problems -- no bottoming out, no ripples, no disappointment about size or shape, no CC, I've dropped into place and they're extremely soft. I just can't say enough good things about Dr. LoVerme. He's a wonderful, very talented surgeon. He oozes self-confidence WITHOUT being arrogant! I would highly recommend him to anyone."~LisaElle (Breast Augmentation Patient)

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"Dr. LoVerme is the best, I honestly can't say enough about him and his staff. He is kind, caring and very reassuring to say the very least. My recovery has been a breeze. I had minimal swelling or bruising actually I couldn't see any, but at my six day post-op appointment Dr. LoVerme said I had very minimal. I am only two weeks post-op and I already LOVE my results!!!" ~RAYASUN (Breast Augmentation Patient)

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Hi, my name is Amy and after three children and always having no breasts (flat as a board) I had no doubt I was going to have breasts in this lifetime, not the next one. I've always hated my body for being flat chested, almost like a deformity. I then heard about Dr. LoVerme and he changed my life completely for the better.

From my first visit, Dr. LoVerme and his staff, completely accommodated me and made feel at ease with the BA procedure. At the hospital, the day of my BA, he was calming, reassuring and had a great sense of humor. As soon as I awakened, Dr. LoVerme was right there. My experience was so satisfying (especially, when I heard how painful it could be). It was a breeze and when I had questions he called me right back. His surgical skills are remarkable. I barely had any bruising and was sleeping on my stomach at one week. He obviously has an extremely tender touch. My breasts look wonderful and absolutely natural. It's almost four months later and they are now a part of me and I love them thanks to Dr. LoVerme. In fact, several friends from California want to come to him when they have  theirs lifted. They could not believe how quickly I recovered, how pain-free it was (for the biggest baby in the world) and how perfect they look.

I'd be glad to talk to anybody regarding my experience or about Dr. LoVerme.I did not want to go huge (in breast size), I just wanted to look natural and they are just that. He does exactly what you want but at the same time, he advises and points out things that you should consider.

I went from a 34 tripple A  to a nice full B. Mentor, over, smooth, aerola. I'm thrilled to say the least!!! ~ Amy (Breast Augmentation Patient)

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Meet Boston, MA Plastic Surgeon, Dr. LoVerme

Boston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. LoVermeDr. William E. LoVerme is a premier plastic surgeon in the Boston area. He has been associated with the practice of plastic surgery since boyhood; his father was and his brother is a plastic surgeon. Dr. LoVerme began his own private practice in 1985 with the goal of creating a highly specialized, yet personal, practice of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Medical Aesthetician on Staff  Plastic Surgeon's Hospital Privileges

Newton Wellesley Hospital, Newton MA
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

Plastic Surgeon's Credentials

Chief of Plastic Surgery, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 1994-present
Chief of Plastic Surgery, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, 1994-2000
American College of Surgeons
American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Medical Association
Massachusetts Medical Society
MA Society of Plastic Surgeons, Past President
N.E. Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

Dr. LoVerme is on the teaching faculty of Harvard Medical School as an instructor and at Tufts University School of Medicine as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

Has been featured in Boston Magazine discussion cosmetic surgery.

Has many television appearances including Boston's Channel 56, State of the Art Medical Series, WBZ-TV Boston and Good Day America.

Plastic surgery consultant for NESN (New England Sports Network).

His professional training included an internship, general surgery residency, and plastic surgery fellowship. The latter completed at Harvard Medical School.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting Dr. LoVerme with IMPLANTFORUM.COM & AllAboutPlasticSurgery & AllAboutLipo founder, Rebecca, at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Meeting in Vegas, May 2002.

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