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Columbus Oh Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shah Bivik R. Shah, M.D.

Ohio Plastic Surgeon

Columbus & Dublin, OH

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Member Surgeon Since 2001

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"I have developed an educational CD on Breast Augmentation. I am offering it to prospective patients for free."- Dr. Shah

Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery Website
Columbus, OH Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shah's Website

Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery
Columbus & Dublin Ohio Plastic Surgery Offices

Columbus Office

6499 E. Broad St., Suite 130
Columbus, Ohio 43213

Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, Columbus Map
Columbus Office Map

Dublin Office

6750 Perimeter Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43016

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(614) 322-2500
Fax (614) 322-2532

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Prepare for Surgery Checklist

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"FANTASTIC!! Totally wonderful, great listener, and works magic." ~Brandi (Patient & Site Visitor from Columbus, Ohio)

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"Professional and confident. Beautiful work, more than I could have ever hoped for. He is a true artist."~Brenda (Breast Augmentation Patient & Site Visitor)

Breast Augmentation Photos
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos
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Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Arm Lift

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Columbus, OH Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shah's Website

Breast Augmentation FAQ
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures
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Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Eyelid Surgery
Face Lift
Chemical Peel

This is a partial list of cosmetic procedures offered by this plastic surgeon. Other cosmetic procedures may be available by this plastic surgeon,

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Meet Ohio Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Shah

Columbus Oh Plastic Surgeon, Dr. ShahDr. Shah believes that the patient is foremost an individual and not just another case. Dr. Shah and his staff will give the highest priority to taking care of the whole person by making sure every need is anticipated and met, every individual is given the personal attention that one would want for their own family, and every individual's privacy is maintained in the highest regard.

From the first visit, the difference will be obvious. Dr. Shah will personally answer all of your questions, the staff will take the time to explain all of the costs and options so that there are no surprises and Dr. Shah will make sure you understand the procedure, its risks, and most of all everything you will go through during recovery.

All of this is because we care. Everyone has had bad experiences with doctor's offices and we will make sure your experience will be the best possible. We understand the confidence and faith you are putting in us and we will not let you down. The instant we meet you, you will become a part of our family. Try our Online Consultation.

Plastic Surgeon's
Board Certification
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon's
Professional Memberships

American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Ohio State Medical Association
Columbus Medical Association
American Burn Association

Plastic Surgeon's
Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Shah is affiliated with all of the major hospitals in Columbus as
well as surgery centers and has his own in-office treatment room to
accommodate any needs you may have.

Plastic Surgeon's
Plastic Surgery Fellowship

1998 - 6/2000
Ohio State University

Plastic Surgeon's
General Surgery Residency

1995 - 1998
Ohio State University

Plastic Surgeon's

1994 - 1995
Ohio State University,
Department of Surgery, Dr. Ronald Ferguson, Chairman

Plastic Surgeon's

Co-Director of the Anatomical Lecture Series for OSU Plastic Surgery Residency

Plastic Surgeon's
Medical School
Honors and Awards

Letter of Commendation -- General Surgery Rotation
Letter of Commendation -- Internal Medicine Rotation
Honors -- Obstetrics and Gynecology Rotation
Honors -- General Surgery Research Elective
Letter of Commendation -- Family Practice Rotation
Awarded: Roessler Research Scholarship -- 2 years

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"Both a qualified surgeon and a compassionate person." Chicago Plastic Surgeon

"Extremely gifted surgeon"

"Surgery was a success." Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL

"My breasts are perfect." Breast Surgery Patient

"He truly has a passion for plastic cosmetic, reconstructive surgery." WA Plastic Surgeon

"He is an artist first and a surgeon second." VA Plastic Surgeon

"Not only is the surgeon great but so are his co-workers" WI Plastic Surgeon

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