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Choosing Breast Implant Size

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 How to Measure Size - Adding Additional Saline
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Work with your Plastic Surgeon

The best way to determine what size you want and need is to bring your plastic surgeon a nude photo, preferably a straight on shot and side profile. Also bring pictures of what is too small and what is too large. Don't forget to discuss cleavage. Many women print photos from our gallery. is a wonderful source. If you find a good plastic surgeon, they should be able to help you obtain your desired result.

Ask to see before & after pictures, not only to judge his/her work, but to get an idea of what size implant you will need. Even better, computer enhancement, if it is available, but do not rely on it. Click here for the width, height and projection of each implant.

The Baggie Trick

NOTE: This does not substitute for an experienced breast augmentation surgeon, it's just an aid to give you an idea.

Fill a zip lock bag or the end of pantyhose (better) with rice or bird seed. Place it in your bra (preferably a sports bra to flatten it some as implants do not have as much projection, unless they're anatomical) and try it on with your clothes.

Each cc = approximately 1 milliliter (ml)

250 ml = 1 cup
500 ml = 2 cups (1 Pint)

IMPORTANT!!!! In order to accomplish the appearance you see in a bra add 10-15% to get the same look after surgery, especially if you are going under the muscle. For example, if you like 300cc of rice, you'll need 330 to 345cc implants. Also, projection after surgery is less than what you see in the bra. Implants tend to be rounder and fuller. This is particularly true with sub muscular placement. However, anatomicals do have more projection than rounds.

Don't get too set on an cc size. The exact same size implants will look different on different women. Factors a PS considers in size:

Chest shape
Rib size
Breast shape
Breast base dimension
Breast volume
Breast Width
Tissue stretch characteristics
Sternal depth
Pregnancy history


Breast Implant Weight

1 cc = 0.0338140226 US fluid ounces

Breast Implant Sizes

Fill, Overfill & Correcting Uneveness

Whatever size you choose, make sure the implant is "filled-up" with fluid. For example, I ordered 250cc implants and had them filled up to 275cc, which is as far as they could be filled by the manufacturer's guidelines. Otherwise, you may end up with wrinkly looking skin at times, a.k.a. ripples. So if you want 300cc, get a 275 filled to 300cc. Some doctors use overfill (filling beyond manufacturer's guidelines) which research has shown to cause less ruptures, however, it may void your implant warranty. The only time you may not want it filled all the way is if one boob is currently larger than the other and now that you're getting implants you can "balance" them back out. Discuss this option with your doc.

The larger you go, the more unnatural the look, yet, most women wish they had gone larger. Keep in mind, the larger you go, the more painful it may be, the higher likelihood of bruising, stretch marks and other risks.

Adding Additional Saline
After surgery is possible but only in limited cases and most surgeons will not do this.

Breast Implant Sizes

Lorene's Thoughts on Size . . .

I spent the first week after my surgery totally depressed that I spent so much money and went through all that pain and it didn't seem to me like I looked any different. Eventually, I stopped obsessing about this and really took a better look in the mirror, and stopped thinking everyone else was so much bigger than I am. All I wanted was to have some breasts, just a nice C cup, even a small C cup, and then, something just happens in your head once you get these things. You think, I could have gone so much larger and look, everyone else did. But that's everyone else. And a lot of the models and actresses we compare ourselves to are wearing push up bras and padding to make themselves look bigger than they are--we can do that to ourselves as well, if we wanted to. Even some of the Playboy models are about our size. In fact, I used pictures from three issues of Playboy of models that are my current size (small to medium C with 270cc) to show my doctor when I was choosing sizes. I thought they were more attractive overall than the bustier, balloon-boobed variety.

I think if I were to write about my story or experience, I would emphasize how important it is to not fall into a cycle of wishing you had gone bigger, and bigger, and bigger still. Just be happy to have what you have after you've dropped 5 grand and remember the days of longingly looking at women that are our current size, saying to ourselves, "That's all I want. Just a little bit bigger..."


Breast Implant Sizes

Consider Available Bra sizes Before BA

Let's face it - half the fun of having boobs is to dress them... I decided the absolute biggest size I'd consider is what I could easily find bras to fit in my favorite local department stores. My band size, 34, came in DDD in several styles and a few colors, most of which were really cute. What I didn't realize, though, is how much larger the color and style selection is at Victoria's Secret, in addition to VS swimwear that is available in cup sizes. VS bras only go up to DD, and not a very full DD at that, and then in only a few styles. It is a happy accident that the size implants I got fit, just barely, into some of VS bras so that I can enjoy not only the bras but also the colorful coordinating panties and accessories they offer. It would have been even better had I known before "BA Day" that I might want to be 100 cc's less and fit a tad easier into more lingerie. Its one more factor to consider when thinking of size. 

~AMSATIN (Forum Handle)


How To Measure Ribcage and Ribspan - Measure Bra Size Here


by Dee
Forum Manager
Forum Handle: DRPINME

Ribcage: Take a sewing tape measure and measure all the way around under your breasts where your bra band would go.

Ribspan: This is only a guesstimate, but this way seems to work the best...take a piece of paper and lightly tape it to the wall at boob level. Take 2 pencils with lead point out and place each one on the outside edge of each boob. Walk up to the paper and make your marks. Then measure between the two marks to get your ribspan.

Measuring breast width: The breast width is measured from the side of the chest wall (outer edge of breast) to the middle point of the chest where the pectoralis muscle begins (UNDERNEATH THE BREAST). This is the most anatomic measurement if the implant is going to look natural. DO NOT measure over the breast! Your breast width should be a little less than half the measurement of your ribspan number.

Body Map

This is photo set #27 - 375 O/F~400 - 125 pounds, 5'6", 34 A cup to 34C
Measure around bust Before: 35" After: 38" 
Each breast at 9 inches edge to edge - Crease lowered approx. 1"

The Cleavage Factor

Your cleavage will also depend on your current size, your rib shape and the implants you choose and whether or not you go over or under. Discuss you expectations with your surgeon to make sure they are realistic.

Poll: Cleavage? When you measure your space between breasts- How many fingers width?

1 finger 14 votes (21%)
2 fingers 31 votes (47%)
3 fingers 18 votes (27%)
4 fingers 2 votes (3%)
Space? what space? 1 votes (2%)


gifCreating Cleavage
Whether you have implants or not, we all want cleavage and here are a few ways to get it

Tape. Did you know that is an acceptable practice in pageants? (Lorie Ann suggests surgical tape) A piece taped vertically on each breast along the side will give them a quick lift, and a piece or two taped discreetly across the bottom of the breasts to pull them together.

Wear two bras. Wear a normal comfortable bra underneath and then a Victoria's Secret, etc. (Padded, Miracle) over the other one.  You instantly get amazing cleavage.

Go one band size down. If you are a 36, go to 34, this forces them together. I don't recommend doing this regularly! Someone suggested safety pinning the front of the bra together, (to attach the front portion together that is), work wonders.

Good Posture. Stand straight, head high, shoulders back, chest out!

Textured fabrics, such as ribbed shirts and puffy sweaters make you look bigger.

Form fitting clothing, such as turtlenecks.

Darker colors, especially black, make you look smaller. Wear tighter, white, v-neck (somewhat low cut) shirts. Light pastel colors make your breasts appear larger.

Kelli suggests: Hug yourself. In the right kind of top, you get instant cleavage just by folding your arms tightly under your bust.

Tighten your bra straps, which pulls you upward, creating instant cleavage, but not comfy! or try wearing one cup size smaller.

Apply bronzer to area in between breasts, where cleavage is SUPPOSED to be or take an eye shadow brush with a little bit of a dark color shadow on it like brown. Put it underneath your breast and go up to wear the cleavage should be. Blend it in with your fingertips. This gives the illusion that your breast are fuller. Or add white powder to your breast and dark shadow to your cleavage. This makes the cleavage darker and the breast lighter. works every time. Light looks bigger dark looks deeper.

Carla would take a flat hair barrette (the best are Goody's brand because they're cheap and get the job done) and attach the barrette to both bra straps in the back (like hooking them together under your shoulder blades). Carla says the push up effect worked wonders for her!image

Try tanning with a bikini top on. The tan lines make your breasts seem larger. 

Tessa says, "Wearing a shelf bra where my nipples are free, I appear to be larger--my nipples protrude about 2 inches."

To give the look of "increased" cleavage wear scoop-neck or round neck t-shirts etc.  The scoop-neck exposes a horizontal view of the chest, giving the impression greater width - a v-neck shirt gives a vertical view of the chest and that sometimes can lessen  the impression. -Laura

Breast Implant Sizes

How to Measure Bra Size

1.  Measure around your ribcage, right under your chest (where the breast crease is), _______ . Add 5 inches to an odd number and 4 inches to an even number. This is your BAND size.

2. Now measure one boob from one end to the other. This is your CUP size. If you are say 9.5" you are a full C.


Most specialty and department stores will measure your bra size as well. However, we have tested many measurement theories here and this seems to be the best.

Bra Shopping

When you're buying a bra always get one that fits when hooked on the first hook, that way when it stretches, you can move it to the next hook and tighten it more. Bras available here.

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