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Meg's Breast Augmentation Journal

Hi! My name is Meg. I am 21 years old, and have had my *reborn twins* for almost 3 years now. I would like to share my experience with everyone because I feel my story would help with women who are considering breast augmentation!

I decided I wanted to have my breasts augmented when I was 18 years old. I spent about one year researching everything there was to know about having a BA done; risks, benefits, sizes, cc's, possible complications, women's stories, before and after photos, costs, doctors, etc. I had wanted larger breasts since Jr. high, growing up in a family of women with large breasts, and being the younger sister to a highschool sibling (kids are so, so cruel lol), I just couldn't stand having the 12 year old looking body. A year would pass, another year, 16, 17, 18 years old, still had an 12 year old body. I began to feel like when my bf and I went out, his friends still treated me like a child as well. I had very low self esteem.

I decided to begin my quest online. I would pull up so many web sites with womens stories and photos. I was learning everything there was to know, like the benefits of under the muscle versus above, round versus tear drop. It was all coming together. I came across a web site with a photo of a girl who had a body just like mine, 5'6, 105lbs, a little athletic, with the exact same breasts as me. (small with slightly larger areolas. That was it! Her after photos were perfect! I visited the web site of her doctor, Dr. Corbin of Beverly Hills and Brea California, (

After a week or two, I finally gathered the courage to give them a call, and scheduled my consultation. I brought in the photos of the girl I had found on the internet, and explained to them that this was exactly how I wanted my breasts to look. They were very honest with me, and very patient. They calmed all of my fears, and walked me through their procedures step by step. They were very courteous to me the MANY times I called with questions before my BA date.

We had set it for December 19th, 6 days before my 19th birthday. We figured it would be great at this time because I was on Christmas vacation from college, and I could rest.

The magic day finally came. My bf had driven me to the doctors office at about 7am. Lucky for me, it was only about 5 minutes down the freeway, so the ride home wasn't going to be too bad.

I went into the back room and changed into the surgical gown, and waited for the anesthesiologist. He came in and asked me a few questions, and I was set to go. They then walked me to the operating room and strapped me down to a T shaped table. I realized that it was time for the Anesthetic needle, and began to hyperventilate a bit. (I'm TERRIFIED of needles), and knowing this was one going to be the biggest one of my life, didn't make me feel any better. The staff was awesome! They calmed me down and gave me some nitrous, and before the needle even got near me, I was out! Couldn't have asked for anything better! I remember one of the nurses waking me up, telling me it was time to go home. I remember telling them (deliriously) that I wanted to sleep right there in the recovery room. After about 5 minutes of my whining, I finally got into the wheelchair and they wheeled me to my bf's car. I hardly remember the ride home.... a few bumps every now and then...... but not too much. I was so groggy.

We got about 5 feet from my front door when I began to dry-heave into the bushes... I guess my stomach didn't like the anesthetic too much. My bf then got me to my throne (couch with a million pillows) and I was out once again. I didn't notice the pain until I woke up for the first time around lunch time. My bf had to go to work, so we planned on my best friend to stay with me during the day to take care of me. The thing that sucked was since I was so thin, I could only take half of the Vicoden at a time, and had to eat everytime I took it (must have gained 5 lbs that week lol).

That first day sucked. I remember the bandage more than anything. I couldn't wait for day 2, when I was allowed to take it off. I think I may have gotten up from the couch maybe once that entire first day. I hurt too much to move. The only way I could describe the pain, was... a dumptruck sitting on my chest. I had no control of my arms whatsoever. My friend had to help me pull my pants up and down the first few days of using the restroom. It was so cute how she had to hand feed me my soup the first night as well lol

Dr. Corbin's staff was awesome. They gave me a call first thing the next morning to see how I was doing. They also gave me the ok to take off the wrap! HEAVEN! Its a good thing too, if I had still been wearing that, I would have been a beast to all my family and friends who called me that day. The phone rang off the hook. My mom and my sisters came by to see how I was doing (and out of sheer curiosity since I was the first in my family with a BA). I was like "Look mom, I've got cleavage!". lol. All those years of wanting breasts, and there they were. It was surreal.

The next few days were tiring, but I made it through ok. I new that it was for a great cause.

The third day I was able to take a show, and see my breasts for the first time. They were AWESOME! And what was even more cool, they were MINE. I probably stared in that mirror for ten minutes before my bf came in and saw them for the first time as well. A little bruised, but beautiful nonetheless. Boy, women aren't kidding when they say, "Up to your chin". They sure were up there lol.

Weeks went by, no problems whatsoever! Dr. Corbin's staff was so wonderful to me during my healing period. Even when I freaked out because I thought my breasts were getting smaller, and they told me it was just the swelling going away. They always calmed me, and talked me through everything. Any questions I had, they had answers. Never once got irritated with my constant calls!

Months went by, my breasts began to soften and drop a little. They looked better and better day by day. I was more adventurous in the things I wore. I had a feeling of confidence I never had before. I do not think breasts make you a better person, they just help you find the image you want for yourself, and in finding this image, finding the woman's body I had always wanted, I had gained a better understanding of what it was to be a woman, and not a teenager in a 12 year old body anymore.

I've changed so much because of my BA. I'm happier, self confident, and just feel Good!

Thanks to informational sites like this one! And thanks to Dr. Corbin's site, and wonderful staff. Thank you so much! I cant imagine my life without you all!

The happiest patient in the world,

p.s. Women are free to email me with any questions they may have at
You can also see some modeling pics of me at my web site,

I am also a featured model on Dr. Corbin's site, under "Meg"


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