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Breast Augmentation Stories

KWL's Breast Augmentation Surgery Story
A Patient of Dr. Pousti, San Diego & Temecula/Murrieta Valley, CA

I'd been considering having breast augmentation surgery ever since I stopped breastfeeding my second child and I went from a full C cup to a rather deflated B. A friend had recommended a well-known doctor in Orange County, CA so I went for a consultation. My meeting was incredibly disappointing - the doctor was unpleasant, condescending and did his best to make me feel like my questions were unreasonable and even ridiculous. I was shocked! I knew I had to find someone else with a better bedside manner who would make me feel more comfortable -- I was going to be entrusting this person with my health and well-being, after all!

So, I went home and started to research other doctors in my area and came upon Dr. Tom Pousti's web site. After scrolling through his "before and after" photos, I was immediately impressed with the quality of his work - the breasts in all the post op photos I saw looked natural and beautiful. I was also quite impressed with the number of glowing testimonials from former patients. Things were starting to look up.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Pousti and was pleased with the friendliness of his office staff and the lovely, professional building in which is Murrieta office is located. When I met Dr. Pousti, I knew right away he was the kind of doctor I was looking for - he was patient, kind, informative, professional and extremely courteous. He spent a great deal of time answering my questions and making sure I felt comfortable. Never once did I feel rushed or that any question or concern I had was unreasonable. I was ready to schedule my surgery with him right away, but my particular case (I was on the borderline of possibly needing a lift, instead of just an augmentation) made him ask to see me several more times before he felt comfortable with how we should proceed. On the day of my first visit, Dr. Pousti also invited me to speak with several patients who were there for post op check ups, to see if they could answer any of my questions or allay any of my concerns. I took him up on his offer and spoke with three women who all had positive experiences with their breast augmentation surgeries. I was pretty wowed by Dr. Pousti's openness and willingness to have me speak with his patients. I knew he was the right man for the job.

Over the course of the next month, he met with me several more times and I was never once charged for his time. After a few visits, we decided it best to see if I would be happy with the results from an augmentation and if not, we could always decide to do a full lift later on. I was very happy with Dr. Pousti's conservative approach and we set a date.

My surgery went smoothly and easily - the Alvarado Hospital staff was very professional and the facility is first rate. Dr. Pousti was with me as I went under the anesthesia and he was right there when I awoke. His kindness and professionalism made the difference for me between a potentially scary and unnerving experience and the ultimately worry-free and pleasant experience I actually had. The pain afterward was minimal -- he made sure I had good drugs -- and I'm thrilled with my new body! I only wish I'd done this sooner. My new breasts are high and round and beautiful - I no longer need a lift -- Dr. Pousti was able to accomplish the effects of a lift with augmentation alone! I am beyond satisfied! So much so, in fact, that I've already referred several friends to Dr. Pousti and will continue to do so. He's the best!

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Pousti and wonderful staff!

-KWL, Temecula, CA


Nicole's Breast Augmentation Surgery Story

Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Pousti

After years of being unhappy with my breasts I finally felt it was time to start researching breast augmentation. I found lots of helpful information on the internet and looked at literally hundreds of breasts. I was rather disappointed in most of the before and after photos from many different doctors. I knew I would be a slightly difficult case because I was unhappy with the shape of my breasts and the distance between them, as well as wanting them to be larger. When I came across Dr. Pousti's site I was pleased with the results of his before and after photos from previous patients. I would have been happy with any of the after photos as my own breasts. So I scheduled a consultation.

I arrived excited yet slightly nervous. I had done tons of research, and I still had so many questions. I was greeted by a friendly and courteous staff, filled out a short form or two, then was asked if I would like to speak with some of his previous patients. I, of course, accepted and spoke with several women about their experiences with Dr. Pousti. All of the women were quite pleased with their results and happy to share and answer my questions. I found that two of the women were recommended to Dr. Pousti by their OBGYNs. Being able to speak to women who had already gone through the entire procedure was comforting and showed how much his patients really like him. I then met with the doc himself. He was up-front, polite, and honest which I really appreciated. He explained to me what could and could not be achieved through breast augmentation. He asked me why I wanted the procedure and we agreed that I had the right reason- for me, not for anyone else. I wanted to change the size and shape of my breasts to have better self confidence and make myself more proportionate. I asked him all of my questions from the TUBA (through the naval) method to the risks of the procedure. My biggest concern was loss of sensation. Dr. Pousti was not pushy nor rushed; he gave me all the time I needed to go over any of my questions, concerns, etc. When we finished he welcomed me to come back and visit as many times as I wanted. Some of the other women said that other doctors had tried to get them to schedule a surgery date right then and there. I left without feeling pressured and with a good sense of mind. The next day I called and scheduled a surgery date; I knew Dr. Pousti was the one for me.

I saw Dr. Pousti a few more times before my surgery mostly to discuss sizing. There is no foolproof way of determining how big to go. I went through his photos of before and afters and chose several that I liked for size and shape. But I was slightly discouraged because all these girls were much shorter than me. I stand nearly 6'2" and I wanted to find other women in my height/weight range to compare against. I went online and found that I liked the way 500-600cc implants looked on women with my build. Just to be sure that I wasn't going too big or to end up regretting not going big enough I filled the bottoms of old pantyhose with rice to use as a stuffer. I had found a web site that recommended this and gave a table of how much rice was equivalent to 100ccs of saline. I put the rice sacks in a bra that I had bought that I believed to be how large I would like to be after surgery. I wore the rice bra everywhere during my regular days to make sure I didn't feel uncomfortably large up top. After a few weeks I was sure that the rice bra size was ideal.

Having a set surgery date was the perfect motivator to get my body in better shape. As the day got closer and closer I got even more excited. Like an elementary school child makes a paper chain counting down the days until Christmas, I made a paper chain to my big day. There wasn't a nervous bone in my body- I was about to get what I always wanted to have been born with.

I couldn't even contain myself the morning of my surgery. I brought the rice bra with me again to show Dr. Pousti, and I kiddingly said, "Fill'er up!" as I showed him the bra. I understood that he could only try to give me the look and size that I wanted; there were no guarantees. The nurses were all so kind and reassuring. I met with my anesthesiologist and then went under. Dr. Pousti uses sizers to ensure that you get the size you wanted. He had tried a 600cc sizer and decided it was too big. He knew I wanted to be large, but not huge. I was then given 525cc implants overfilled to 575ccs. I woke up groggy but so amazed. I had a chest! Between the bandages I could see cleavage. with cleavage! Because my breasts were naturally constricted and so far apart, cleavage was something I had never really experienced. I stayed in the surgery center for a short while after I awoke and spoke with Dr. Pousti. He said everything went very well. I was still flabbergasted.

I was allowed to go home with my friend who was to take care of. For the next few days I was not really in pain, just a state of discomfort. Yes, it does feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest. Dr. Pousti called me that evening just to check up on me. I felt fine, but I found it very difficult to sit up and get out of bed. You never realize how much you use your pectoral muscles and your arms to get up. Keeping your elbows to your side to do everything was annoying yet necessary. Before five days was up I was off the pain killers and going stir crazy (I'm normally a very active person). I had my stitches removed on the sixth day out, and I got to see my breasts without any bandages for the first time. I was so happy I wanted to kiss Dr. Pousti! And then a shower; not being allowed to shower for 6 days was torturous. I saw Dr. Pousti frequently after my surgery. I became one of the very happy women to share my experience with others. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone. Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat! Dr. Pousti and I both believe my results came out even better than expected. I feel they're perfect, and I didn't loose any sensation anywhere. I went from a 34B to a 34DD/36D. Dr. Pousti usually avoids mentioning cup sizes because they can vary so much, so please don't place too much emphasis on a cup size. My small scars are quickly fading away. I now have the confidence I lacked before. My clothes fit and look better, and I feel like a million bucks. Thank you so much Dr.


Jazzy-Jazz - The Tribal Belly Dancer

Hi my name is Jazz and I am 49 years old. I've wanted beautiful boobs like Pamela Anderson forever. I was a very saggy B-C cup and padding was my middle name. I foolishly thought breast augmentation was only for the very rich and famous. I had a friend who said she'd asked about breast augmentation and was told the prices started at $10,000 and went up from there. One night I was sitting on the patio with my wonderful husband and broached the subject of augmentation. My husband always supports me and went for it immediately with a big smile on his face. . I went to my computer and typed in breast augmentation. This great and informative site came up. I was so relieved it was for women only. I never imagined what a close sisterhood was waiting for me here. I ended up choosing a great surgeon. His prices are very reasonable and less than $10,000. One of the girls from this site used him and was very pleased with her results. It took me over a year of planning, saving money, vacation time and learning everything I could about breast augmentation. My big day was Sept 3rd. My doctor and I decided on a lift and round, high profile, smooth, mentor, 500cc to give me the full DD's I coveted so much. My surgery went very well but I had bruising to my right nipple that caused me to worry. I always had sensitive nips and did not want to lose feeling in them. My wonderful doctor told me not to worry everything was fine. My boobies were huge even in my bandage. The pain I felt was minimal and easily controlled by pain medication. I am now 9 weeks post and loving them. They are getting very soft and fluffing nicely. They even BOUNCE!! I ended up with the full DD's I wanted. I'm thrilled that they are perky. My charming husband can't keep his hands to himself these days!! LOL I love this site so much and met so many wonderful friends here. The knowledge in parted to me from these lovely ladies was immense. I say whole heartedly if you want breast augmentation, then go for it. It was a wonderful thing to do for myself! My self esteem is so enhanced and wearing clothes has become FUN. Hugs to all from Jazzy-Jazz The Tribal Belly Dancer


Sara Jean's Breast Augmentation Journal

I really wanted to write and tell you what an amazing job you have done with this site! It is my first time back in a month and I am happy to hear they (those they people) have approved silicone implants!!! I had my surgery done Six weeks ago and was very nervous about getting gel. I knew that there wasn't any link between Cancer or Connective Tissue Disorder, but all the talk really made me have reservations. I picked silicone because of the more natural look that they give and also because I believed that it was an overall superior product. They have no valve, the bag is significantly thicker, and when I held the bag up all the liquid did not just fall to the bottom. My breasts are soft and light and I believe that they feel and look very natural!

Before Surgery~
I was terrified! Not many people say anything about being scared, but I have a very low pain threshold. I swear I almost walked out of the office. Before going under I highly recommend asking the nurse where you will be and what will happen when you wake up. When I woke up I knew exactly where I was and where I would be moved to etc. Also it is good to ask the doc to numb you good locally so that you don't feel any pain for the first 10-12 hrs. THINGS NOT TO LIVE WITHOUT~BIG button down shirt, clothes that you won't mind being in for two days, hair you won't need to mess with for two days, SHAVE!!

Day One~
I had the first scheduled surgery of the day so I was up at 4am (I live hr1/2 from hospital) and didn't sleep again until 7pm that day. I slept for two hours and woke up really uncomfortable. I had eaten earlier and thought that I should take some pain medicine. Depending on your pain I recommend only taking Tylenol (I went over the muscle so I had it easy) I got really sick after the meds. I think I prayed harder than I ever have in my life not to get sick to my stomach. THINGS NOT TO LIVE WITHOUT~ straws, thermometer, washcloth, crest spin brush, Tylenol.

Day Two~
My fiancé is the most wonderful man on earth. If you ever need someone to pull your pants down he's the one! (ha-ha) I was not really in pain just VERY strange feeling. I had to hold my breasts every time I went to the bathroom. I was allowed to take a shower today but I thought that if I took my bra off that my breasts were going to fall into the bathtub! I took a bath instead. I did not take off my bra and could hardly wash my arms but it was wonderful. Please don't get in and out yourself!! I was really sad today; I was SO tired and didn't really feel like talking to friends etc. PLEASE look at the picture of the pillows on this web site you will need it! THINGS I PRAYED FOR DAY TWO~ Tylenol PM

Day Three~
I can finally let go of my breasts to pull my own pants up and down-YEAH. My fiancé made me a sandwich and put it in the fridge and a pop top soup on the counter. He had the pan on the stove and everything. I really couldn't do much. Sleeping is the worst; I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side. Putting towels or pillows under your arms on the side helps.

Day Four~
if you consider watching TV and eating "up and around" then yes I was up and around. I was still very groggy, so to speak, I think from the anesthesia. It took a lot of energy to speak, I felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs to push out the words. I think I should tell you that my muscles are in pain from not moving. I was really worried because my arm felt numb all the way down to my hand. I am supposed to keep my arms to my side for 10 days ugh.

Day Five~
I feel GREAT. I could have gone to work today (if I sat at a computer). Went to the doc. And to the mall to buy a bra. I really couldn't find one that looked comfortable enough to put on but I bought a silk one and finally got back home! Walking around was hard on my back cuz I was kind of hunched over, not to mention by breasts bouncing was not good. I am finally taking real showers and dressing in real clothes.

WEEK TWO~ I feel okay, very sensitive. My fiancé says I am driving him mad. My breasts are still hard and fake looking but I am in Miami and loving every minute of my new found womanhood! My skin is very tight, and I have lots of bruising.

WEEK THREE~ I started putting coco butter on my breasts and saw an immediate improvement. I have never had kids so my skin was in shock. My bruises are almost gone by my incisions and I have started to work out. I still can't really stretch my arms all the way over my head yet. I got my period really early; doc says that it's normal to be off cycle after surgery.

WEEK SIX~ the bruise on the top of my breast is just starting to go away (doc says it's working its way up). I can't tell you how happy I am with the new look. I was very nervous at first because I thought that they were too big. I lost over an inch of swelling and now they are a perfect C. My nipples are VERY sensitive to the touch but are getting better everyday. I am massaging them three times a day, taking vitamin E, and putting Maderma on my scars. I really think that the most important thing to remember is that you won't get your final result for two - three weeks if that, so don't freak out if they aren't exactly what you expected. If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me. Before I had my surgery I had so many questions and stayed up for hours researching things. Mostly doctors. Good Luck!!!

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Mendi's Breast Surgery Miracle

Hi my name is Mendi. I am 28 years old. I had breast implants put in in January of this year (2004). I was just told I have breast cancer only four months later. If I would have never chosen to get implants I would have not known of the cancer until much later because the implants actually pushed the lump closer to the surface for me to find. So the doctors say the best thing I did was get the implants.


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Tammy - Real Estate Agent

"Funny Story"

I went into Victoria's Secret on Saturday to get a big bra to try to stuff so I could get an idea what I wanted before my consult....let me tell you it was a little embarrassing walking around with a bra that was obviously too big for me. Then when I went to try it on and stuff it with thongs (don't ask), I was literally tackled by the sales lady as I went into the dressing room....she wanted to measure me REALLY BADLY. "I just want to make sure you are trying on the right size"...she kept on saying. I politely declined but she was so adamant about it. I literally ran into the room and slammed the door in her face. My poor boyfriend just stood there speechless.

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LuKreCia's Story (Forum Name: LUKRECIAH)

Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation

I know there is a lot of concern about how pregnancy affects implants, so I wanted to share my experience. I gave birth on January 24, 2005. I have had implants since March 29, 2001. I went from a AA to a D with 360 cc. I did not breastfeed. To my great surprise my boobs survived without any changes at all. There is no sag, no change in size, and I got no stretch marks whatsoever. The lack of stretch marks could be due to the Mustela products I appied daily from the first month of pregnancy, though. Just thought I would let you all know

I should add that I did wear a supportive bra 24/7 during the entire pregnancy, and once my milk came in, I wore a size small sports bra to compress them until it dried up. I think wearing a bra all the time is what helped a lot.

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Nonny's Aunt's Long Lasting Implants

Ok, I just got back from Vegas visiting my aunt. She is 58 years old and has had implants as long as I can remember. So after she got done feeling mine - I asked her about hers.

During the 70's they did not get the little cards that show the style and cc amount like we do. So she doesn't remember what amount of cc's she got, but she has saline, is a full C and they are 31 YEARS OLD!! She does have a slight case of CC on her right side, but other than that - has never had a problem. She also had a horse ranch at that time, so she did not go easy on them!!!

She got them done in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by a plastic surgeon that did all the Playboy Bunny's at that time. I only remember his first name Dr. Duran??? But she says he is still in practice - I guess he mainly oversees the doctors in his practice. He told her that she would never have any problems with them - so I guess he was right.

So I don't know if that is a record - but it is nice to know that they can last that long!!

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Jesi's Breast Implant Story

All my life I always wanted boobs, and growing up with a sister who had the perfect body didn't help. Every day I would ask my mom if they had gotten bigger and everyday she would say no. I finally realized at 16 that my boobs were small and that they weren't going to grow anymore. I had always felt awkward in a bathing suit or in a low cut shirt, convinced that some shirts were just made for people with big boobs. After Moving out to New Jersey from California I decided that I wanted new boobs with my new start. I went to a doctor that my friend recommended to me, I wanted breasts so bad I met with him once and scheduled surgery.

I was so nervous before I went in to the operating room, everyone had told me how happy I was going to be, I was just so scared to be put under. But I soon fell asleep and awoke to severe pain! I woke up in the operating room still on the table and they asked me to slide onto the other bed, I tried to lift myself up with my arms and found them useless, I couldn't believe they asked me to do this after I had just had surgery!!! When I lay back in the recovery room The pain was almost unbearable, they gave me Morphine to help and had me try to go to the bathroom. I had this mean nurse who asked me if it was worth it, Obviously she never had small breasts, I told her not to ask me that as I cried in pain.

As soon as the bandages came off I felt my heart sink, they looked horrible. One was lower and larger than the other. When I asked the doctor about this he said it was just swelling and that they would even out. I cried everyday, I couldn't even wear tight clothing because the size difference was so noticeable. After 2 months and still no change I went to my doctor and demanded he do a corrective surgery, which he reluctantly did and paid for. He tried to say that my breasts started off this way and that it wasn't his fault, but I argued and got another surgery. This time he put in an adjustable implant so we could make it just the right size.

After I awoke from my second surgery I was so relieved that I was in almost no pain, a .5 on the scale. I had only small discomfort and even flew back to California a week later for Thanksgiving. Everything was going great this time I went back every two weeks and got a little bit more fluid put into my breast and It was almost matching the other when I got yet another scare.

I got dressed in the morning and noticed that the breast that had just been replaced wasn't filling out my bra the way it had the night before. Panic ran through my body, The implant had deflated, I couldn't believe it how could one person have such bad luck? I was crying and I called my doctor who had my come in the next day and Sure enough 6 weeks after my second surgery the implant was leaking. I had surgery the very next day.

That third surgery was 5 days ago and everything seems normal, again almost no pain and I was back to work 3 days after. I hope everything goes well with this implant my new motto is third time's a charm!

The worst part about all of this is all of the inconvenience, I had to take off from work and couldn't wear many clothes because of bandages and have wasted so much gas going to my doctors office every week for almost 6 months. I don't regret my decision though and I would recommend the surgery to others, I just had bad luck. I still love them!

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