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Before Surgery

I decided against the procedure at first and bought a convertible instead! I felt that with my luck, I would end up with capsular contracture, one of the most common risks or some other problem, as there are many possible complications associated with breast augmentation and I did not want to mess up what little I had.

It wasn't until I met a friend that had them done that I changed my mind. She looked awesome and they felt great! Even then, I mulled over the idea for months. By the time I made up my mind I had to wait weeks just for my consultation visit and then another two months for the actual surgery. 

Why did I become willing to mess up what little I had? Well, like any surgery, there are possible complications, but the chance of a better outcome (than what I was born with) was greater than the risks. Had I had boobs that could be lifted and pushed into some cleavage, I would not have chanced it. But since no push-up, Wonder or Miracle Bra could help me, I felt the chance was worth it. It was. Best money I ever spent and if I had to choose, I get these over the convertible any day (and I LOVE my car).

Plastic Surgery Stories
Choosing Breast Implant Size

After the doctor discussed all the pros and cons he told us (my husband went with me) to come back with some of my clothes so we could try them on with different sized implants so we could decide which size we wanted. The sizes at my doctor's office ranged from 220cc to 360cc, or maybe that's all I saw because he wasn't going to put anything larger than that in me.

This was a lot of fun. Filling out my bathing suits and shirts was something I had been waiting most my life for! To have curves on top to match the curves below! The 300cc looked huge to me, so we opted for 275. The surgeon said there was only three teaspoons difference between the two. I wanted to go with 250, but the doctor, nurse and the office manager all said most women wish they had gone larger, so my husband (with their influence) talked me into the larger size. Now that they have "dropped" I do wish I had gone larger, but then again, I'm sure all the pain one goes through is directly related to the size of the implants, not to mention it is a bit difficult to sleep on these babies! The other plus, if anything goes wrong that I will need to have them removed, I won't look deformed from my skin being stretched too far.

In any case, I should have asked to see before and after pictures and found someone who looked close to my size before and was the size I wanted to be after and find out what size implants that person had. I now suggest bringing your PS a photo of the size you'd like to be as well as what is too small and too big. Don't forget a side view if you can find one. I have been most disappointed with my projection and feel anatomicals would have been beneficial in my case.

You want this to be a one-time deal so try to get as much information on the risks and what size implants you will be comfortable with. You don't want to be too big (which is what I was scared of doing), and you don't want to go through the surgery and not be big enough!

One mistake I made was trying on the implants with my current bras and bikinis, which were all push-ups. This made me look the size I wanted to be, but I didn't take into consideration that I no longer wanted the assistance of padding if I was going to have surgery! Also, push-up bikinis make the implants look more obvious.

Plastic Surgery Stories
Breast Implant Options

Texture vs. Smooth:
I choose textured implants to help deter capsular contracture, however, I wish I had gotten smooth so they would move more like natural breasts. Mine are stuck in place. When I lie down they stand straight up. My husband loves this. The downside to smooth is you'll have to massage them daily. Also, others have told me smooth sometimes fall into your armpits when lying down. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. This is an option you may want to leave up to your PS.

Shape: Round vs. Anatomical Teardropped Shaped Implants:
I was not advised on anatomical implants, or I would have chosen them for more projection. High profile breast implants were not available in 1997 (and I now have high profile breast implants). If you want anatomical implantss, high profile implants or Spectrum Expandable Implants, be sure to find a plastic surgeon experienced in placing these shaped implants, as shaped implants are more difficult to insert.

Brand: Mentor or McGhan (now Inamed):
My doctor at the time only offered Mentor Implants.

Saline or Silicone Implants :
Since my first breast augmentation was in 1997 so my only choice was saline breast implants as silicone breast implants were still banned at the time. Silicone implants are now available for most women and are more natural feeling than saline implants.

Plastic Surgery Stories
Surgery Options

Plastic Surgeon :
Although my plastic surgeon was recommended by a general surgeon my husband at the time (who is a doctor) knew, I should have shopped around for a Plastic Surgeon. Recommendations are great, but be sure to interview several board certified plastic surgeons then pick the surgeon you feel most comfortable with and research your plastic surgeon. My first plastic surgeon was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, but knowing what I know now, I would not have choose this surgeon in Tallahassee, FL. There are a lot great plastic surgeons in Florida. I currently live in Columbia, SC and there is a board certified plastic surgeon here as well that I would NOT recommend to anyone. If you live in South Carolina, I recommend these South Carolina Plastic Surgeons.

I wanted the armpit incision like my friend had which is now invisible. However, my PS did 98% areola, so I figured it best to go with what he was experienced at. I regret this, as I now have an obvious scar on my areola. Remember, finding the right PS is the most important factor for a good outcome. However, your choice of surgeon is more important than the incision location.

I chose under the muscle because mammograms are easier to read. Also, I have little tissue so the muscle will help cover the implant rather than allowing the edges of the implant to show. It also decreases ripples, which are common in thin women and with thin skin. I have some you can feel, but rarely noticeable to the eye. I can feel them, but rarely see them unless I'm in an odd position. Overs may be a good option if you have at least a B cup to start with and/or are saggy. Overs can look very natural when done right, here's an excellent example of overs. There is less pain associated with overs.

Crease Lowering:
My PS lowered my crease, most do. This was especially important for me as my areola was very low due to sag. Lowering the crease in effect gave me a lift. Mine are also uneven; a really good PS will be able to even them back out. If this is important and yours are obviously uneven to the eye, you'll probably have to shop around for a good PS, as most do not do this. However, the unevenness is probably only noticeable to you. We are our own worst critics.

Plastic Surgery Stories

The Surgery

I came back a week before surgery so they could check my blood and take those dreaded pictures. In anticipation, I was both scared and excited.

I had local anesthesia with twilight, which worked very well. I didn't remember a thing. In fact, when my husband returned to pick me up, I didn't even know I had the surgery! Thankfully, we lived only 2 miles away, but I still remember those railroad tracks! If your plastic surgeon is further than 30-45 minutes you may want to consider staying at a hotel the first night. My first night was absolutely awful. My husband slept in the next room so when he moved around in bed he wouldn't disturb or hurt me. However, he never heard me when I called for help to get up to use the bathroom. Therefore, it took me about 45 minutes just to get up out of the bed, and it was absolutely miserable. I wanted so bad to take a deep breath, but it felt as though I had a fifty-pound weight on my chest! I also wanted to stretch my arms and chest; but knew that would be impossible!

My cat, Mackie, comforts me during recovery
The next day I had to go back to the doctor's to be checked, but I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. Unfortunately, I had no choice.

The doctor said everything was looking ok and left me with the nurse. She was mean! She purposely held the sleeve of my shirt back so I had to reach further to put my arm in. Reaching is far from fun for at least a week, no less the day after surgery! She also told my husband to "Get her moving and get her off the drugs". Did she think I was a drug addict? That bothered me, but she made other comments to my husband that indicated she was dead against having such surgery. She wasn't the one living with a flat chest, therefore, she had no place in understanding why I had this done. Anyway, I was surprised that someone like this was working at a plastic surgery clinic. Everyone else had been extremely polite and caring. This is also something you want to consider when interviewing possible surgeons.

The next night wasn't much better. I did stop taking the painkillers, they made me nauseated anyway. Personally, I'd rather be in pain than sick to my stomach, and I was still in pain! Since then, I had gum surgery and learned you can take painkillers with food to avoid the nausea.

Each day got easier and easier, but my mobility was much less than I expected. You'll be surprised at the weight of a glass of milk! I think I also pulled a muscle, which added to the misery (or at least made it last longer). So, don't over work yourself for at least two weeks.

My birthday was four days after the surgery and I still wasn't in the mood to get dressed, no less dressed up, put make-up on and have to contend with brushing my long hair (that was work!). So I didn't do anything for my birthday!

Things we took for granted, such as the simple task of holding a glass, was difficult. You could actually feel the weight of the glass! Putting on clothes was a pain. It must have been more than a week or two before I was able to pull a shirt over my head. 

I could have returned to work after a week, but I was thanking God I didn't have to. I did make a 14-hour drive a week after surgery. This was a bit uncomfortable, but no more than expected for being stuck in a car for 14 hours!

Plastic Surgery Stories

Two Weeks Post-Op

All my bras and bikinis itch like crazy! I have numbness and they are VERY sensitive all at the same time. I get pinching sensations. They are still high on my chest. However, they feel like they are a part of me and not some foreign object stuck in my chest.

Plastic Surgery Stories

Six Weeks Post-Op

I can breathe! I don't have to wear a bra anymore to make myself look like a feminine! I can stretch my arms and chest. I didn't go for the "Pamela Anderson look" but I have boobs! I have cleavage!

I still get a pinching sensation every now and then, which is from nerves regenerating. They are still a tad high. It took three months for them to fall to a decent spot.

Plastic Surgery Stories

Six Months Post-Op

The implants have settled into place. Every once in a while I get a quick striking flash of pain in my chest. My nipples are a tad bit more/less sensitive. I don't know how to explain it, but they're not the same. Bikinis itch, as well as certain bras.

Plastic Surgery Stories

One-Year Post-Op

I rarely feel the flash of pain in my chest anymore. My nipples are close to normal sensitivity. Bikinis and bras itch less, but still itch. I can barely tell I've had anything done and I would certainly do it again!

Plastic Surgery Stories

Two Years Post-Op

Some bras & bikinis itch a tad, but not much. My nipples are back to normal sensitivity!

7.5 Years Post-Op

My right implant deflated in October of 2004. I had a redo January 31, 2005 with Dr. Revis. My redo story is here.


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